AI, Government and the Future

AI Revolution: Transforming Government Services

AI, Government and the Future

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AI is progressing at an incredible pace, and we're just scratching the surface. With so much information out there, it can be overwhelming to keep up.

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Recent Guest Nathan Manzotti

In this episode of AI, Government, and the Future, we are joined by Nathan Manzotti, Director of Data Analytics and AI Centers of Excellence at the General Services Administration (GSA), to discuss the current state and future potential of AI in the federal government. We explore GSA's role in enabling AI adoption across agencies, key initiatives like AI training and communities of practice, and the challenges of attracting AI talent in government. Nathan also shares his insights on the need for collaboration between government, industry, academia, and nonprofits to drive responsible AI innovation.

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Orange County's Untapped AI Potential

Forbes's Top 50 AI report had one Orange County firm. Most companies hail from San Francisco. Orange County's AI potential remains largely untapped, unlike the Bay Area, which dominates this field thanks to robust public and private efforts, supported by local universities, tech companies, and rising startups. While Orange County possesses similar resources, it currently lacks the necessary public policy framework to fully leverage them. Furthermore, to develop an AI environment in Orange County, policymakers should consider funding local AI research and development, promoting data sharing, investing in talent, and prioritizing innovation. San Jose's pro-innovation stance proves fruitful. Andy Jung suggests that implementing these measures will transform Orange County into a new AI hotspot.

The Number 

$1.5 billion 

Microsoft invests $1.5B in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) AI firm G42 gaining a minority stake and a board seat. G42 pivots towards Microsoft's Azure and away from Chinese partnerships following US-UAE government talks. This deal is attributed to the ongoing tech rivalry between the US and China. 


States Move on Tech Bills as Time Runs Short in Congress - Government Technology

Congress faces tech policy challenges like AI systems, data privacy, and online child safety before the November election. States have already enacted individual data privacy and AI laws, pushing Congress for national policies. A comprehensive AI policy is unlikely to pass before November; however, narrower legislation may be enacted. Lawmakers aim for a consensus on AI legislation while an AI task force prepares a report for release this year. Currently, a federal data privacy law proposal, granting consumer data rights, is facing approval hurdles. State-level privacy and AI systems laws have taken the forefront, altering federal policy discussions.

Navigating AI's Role in Mitigating Ransomware Threats - Nextgov/FCW

FBI's IC3 reported increased cybercrime complaints in 2023 with losses of over $12.5 billion. Healthcare, manufacturing, and government sectors were popular targets. The Colonial Pipeline attack highlighted the need for cybersecurity collaboration. Cybercriminals use AI to refine ransomware and phishing attacks. Federal agencies are considering AI and Machine Learning (ML) for real-time threat response. The first one considered is Generative AI, which is used to protect federal data and needs ethical, defensive, and transparent design. Another tool being considered is IBM’s Storage Defender, an AI-informed solution for federal facilities, that supports ransomware recovery. IBM and Presidio Federal heavily invest in sustainable cybersecurity to combat evolving threats, aligning with Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly’s call for secure-by-design solutions with transparency and accountability.